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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Brigham Young University Ballroom Dancers

Photo credit: Brigham Young University

We are big fans of Brigham Young University. 
We are especially fans of their Ballroom Dance Team.

David danced on team for a couple of years in college and while doing so, performed for thousands all over the world, including leaders of nationals.  It was a fantastic experience. 

 So, when we heard the team was performing here we jumped at the opportunity to help host the dancers and technical crew.


 After their first show on Friday, we took home eight members of the team: 3 couples and two single ladies.  They were so fun!  The poor things were famished after burning a ton of calories during the show.  We feed them protein-rich chili, and carb-rich grilled ham and cheese sandwiches. We also made up a batch of smoothies and served some sweet oranges.  

Looking at this picture makes me smile, because they were really a delight to have in our home.  

For breakfast we served Egg Taquitos with Lime-Chipotle Dip from Our Best Bites.  In an Instagram exchange Sarah shared with me that this is one of her favorite recipes.  Then I noticed it is picture on the back cover of their cook book.  No wonder.  They were terrific!  I am forever in awe of Sara and Kate and how they come up with such delicious recipes.  

We paired the taquitos with fresh fruit, juices and milks.

Before we took them back to their rehearsal, we invited the dancers to make a snack bag.  They filled up baggies of trail mix, apples, bananas, and bottles of water for the long day ahead. 

That night we took the kids to see the performance.  It was even more fun to see the dancers on stage after spending an evening and a morning with them in our home.

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