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Saturday, August 27, 2011


The first day of school was also Oliver's five day doctor's check-up. Overall, he seemed fine despite the usual drop in his birth weight. The doctor ordered a standard blood test to check Oliver's bilirubin levels. Later that day we got a call from the doctor's office saying his jaundice level, or bilirubin count, was high and Oliver needed to go on a "bilobed."

Shortly thereafter a medical supply technician delivered to our house a "bilibed". (I've since heard people call it a coffin--very well described!)  It was awful! The poor boy had to lay in this copier-like "bed" clothed in a scrub-like blanket with velcro keeping him in place. He could only be in his diaper and had to stay there 24/7... only getting out for feedings and diaper changing.

At night our room glowed!! Hello UFO baby!!

A friend who is a nurse at Primary Children's NICU said if a bilirubin count is 25 or higher a baby is automatically admitted to the NICU. Oliver's was 19. Not critical, but high enough to be concerned.

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