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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Amelia Marie Hansen

Amelia with her two younger siblings.

This account is written by Amelia's mother, Ashley Bird Hansen  

March 19, 2013

Kurt and I aren't the biggest users of face book. We have been updating friends and family of our situation through phone calls and others means. But we wanted to make this post to thank everyone for all the prayers and love that has been sent our way, and to let you all know of our situation.

Tragically we are faced with the reality of having to say goodbye to our sweet Amelia. As you may well know, she was involved in a drowning accident. She was rushed to the hospital and her family gathered round to give her a blessing before she was life flighted to Primary Children's from St George. Being involved in business at the airport, Kurt's dad and brother had the opportunity to help load her and Kurt into the airplane in St George. After arriving at the hospital in SLC Amelia was met by Elder Andrson of the quorum of the twelve apostles. She was given a beautiful blessing by Elder Anderson with her dad and his cousin Tim standing in. The next morning the presidency and latter day twelve apostles meet in the temple and in their prayer circle they prayed for our Amelia. We know 100 % recovery was more then possible, but blinded by the Vail we know not the better good nor the will of our heavenly father.

As the days progressed, which seemed to us more like weeks, we were always faithful that the Lord could grant us a miracle and bring our little girl back. However we understood, and still do, that we do not know everything and have accepted the fact that our way isn't the same as the Lord's way. With that framework in mind we faced each hour holding our girls hand and praying for her recovery.

As each minute slowly passed, and we searched and prayed, we began to feel peace. In the midst of our unspeakable trial we found ourselves calm and collected. We didn't and haven't given up on our Amelia. But we felt the spirit so strongly testifying to us that she was under the Lord's care and a full recovery will be made of body and mind, it will not be here on this earth life now.

Amelia has filled so many and touched so vast with little tender mercies knowing she did not have much more time with her family and friends.

Please remember her with happiness and know she is working hard for her siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandpa, grandmas, Mimi, papa, friends and all those she has meet here on earth and in heaven. She wants us all to return to Amelia and Jesus.

There is a list of tender mercies of the Lord and tender mercies of Amelia that have comforted us, many much too sacred to mention here. We were able to have a small or rather large family pray with siblings and our parents in a room here in the hospital and were able to share some of these with our siblings and their children to help comfort them.

I know these coming days weeks months and years will be difficult for us but we need to remember upon this tragedy miracles will never cease, angles directed by Amelia will be assisting in the safe return home of so many.

Thank you for the faith, keep it living.

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