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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Scooter Party

For Christmas lots of the neighborhood girls got electric scooters.  They are a blast and I thought they could be the inspiration for a scooter-themed birthday party!

The first thing we did at the party was invite the girls to decorate their scooters.  We had parking spots for each scooter which helped individualize their rides.  Afterwards, we had a training course and then a relay.  The girls really enjoyed riding on the park's open paths.

We served box lunches with deli sandwiches, a piece of fruit and a cookie. Box and bottle wraps were designed by Aimee at Paper Celebrations.

For party favors we gave each girl the choice of a riders' sack. We also gave them sunglasses, a decal with their name, a scooter neckless, and a bag of pink treats.  The scooter cake was made up of cupcakes and worked beautifully.
 At the end of the party I always like to make a quick analysis of what worked well and what I might do differently.  This party was a bit tricky because we were constrained by who had a scooter.  There were other girls who had scooters, but not everyone in the larger group did.  I guess the real question is, who do we invite?  This year we opted for a more intimate group.  Unfortunately, some girls found out about the party and were sad not to be invited. In the future I would invite the larger group of friends.  Even the birthday girls seem to feel sad that the group was so small.
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