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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

"An Evening of Becoming": And Feeding 300

There is nothing like the diligent preparation for a large event. 
Three months ago I was asked to help serve on an event committee for a women's conference.  I, along with my co-chair, was in charge of publicity, and our job was to spread the word to over 800 women in various church congregations in my area.  

In order to do this my co-chair and I wrote and performed three different skits; distributed flyers, invites, and reminders; and worked with our committee to visit almost 10 different congregations each week for three weeks. Whew!  

It was an exhausting and exhilarating effort.  
The biggest pay off was when we exceeded our expectations in the number of women who attended.

Our theme "Becoming" is from the scripture in Jeremiah 18:6
"Behold, as the clay is in the potter's hand, so are ye in mine hand…"

The committee in charge of decorations did a fabulous job setting the tables.  We were on a tight budget, and I was amazed at how their brown paper, ribbon, and crinkled paper worked so well!  The clay pots they gathered got the centerpieces worked beautifully.

We had over 300 women attend!
The food committee served salad, breadsticks, and four different soups: Spicy Tomato;  Cream of Cauliflower; Chicken Toco; Beef and Barley.  Each was delicious!  

I asked the food committee chair how she had enough soup for the extra 50+ women that attended.  She said, honestly, that when the women started pouring in she just prayed that there would be enough to eat.  I like to think of it as a modern-day miracle like the story of the bread and fishes that miraculously multiplied in order to feed thousands.  

The apple and carrot cake was very popular, and I happily volunteered to make a gluten free version.

The success of an event like this really is the volunteers.  My favorite part of working on this project is meeting the wonderful woman who make it happen.  

Our committee chair (who was diligently doing her job and escaped any photos) was very generous with her thanks.  These fun favors included a cinnamon roll and her thanks for "rolling with us".

The program consisted of a slide show featuring women in the area who had overcome great obstacles and in so doing, demonstrated how each of us could "become" more.  I was particularly moved by the story of a woman's husband was suddenly killed by a distracted driver and how their family is overcome tragedy.  They know have a national campaign to warn others of the dangers of distracted driving. 

Music is always inspiring.  
We heard a vocal/piano selection, 
a mother/daughter violin duet, 
and various selections from the harp. 

Our keynote speaker: Margaret D. Nadauld is First Lady of Dixie University and the author of two books including: "A Mother's Influence: Raising Children to Change the World".  
She is the mother of seven sons.

She is also the former President of the General Young Women's organization, overseeing the faith-based activities of millions of young woman ages 12-18 all over the world.  

She did a fabulous job reminding us all of our potential, and how we can become more.

Photo Credit: Deseret News

I am grateful for the opportunity to work on this fabulous committee, to meet and interact with amazing women, and to help create a memorable event!

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