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Monday, March 25, 2013

Amelia's viewing

It's been an emotional week.
I really can't believe how I've grown attached to this sweet little 2 year-old; a girl I never met before.  In a tragic sequence of event, Amelia returns to her Heavenly Father after a drowning accident.

(Amelia Marie Hansen, a mother's thoughts here.
Amelia's Journey Home, a father's account, here.
 Reflections from Amelia's grandmother, my neighbor, here.
Amelia's obituary, here)

Friday is Ameila's viewing.
I am grateful the Grandfather invited me to help remember the events by taking photos.
I pray I can capture the beauty and inspiration everyone felt throughout the weekend. 

The viewing was the first time I met Amelia's parents, Kurt and Ashley.  They are both lovely and my heart aches for them. I can’t imagine what it must be like to bury a child.   

If it is any comfort, Ameila looks beautiful. She's so peaceful and sweet.  I’ll remember Amelia with the aroma of the hundreds of flowers that filled the room. 

I was very aware of Amelia’s baby brother, Jet.  He is lost without his sister.  They are very close in age, and very close siblings.  He is constantly by her side and even at his tender age I sense he is searching for his sister. 

Lots of family and friends come to share their love and support. The hardest for me is to watch Amelia’s young cousins trying to understand her death. 

Through all the tears and pain there is still an overarching feeling of love and hope and light. Their faith in Jesus Christ and his Atonement gives us all comfort, hope, and understanding.  This time on earth is a short part of our eternal existence.  Through Jesus Christ we can be together again as families.

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