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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

 I know we are all in Christmas mode, but can’t go another day without posting about our fabulous Scott Family Thanksgiving 2013.
Before we get to the wonderful moment when we all sit together and share what we are thankful for, preparations for this favorite family holiday begin weeks in advance.  

Mom carefully selects a variety of family favorite recipes mixed with new things to try.  She amazes me with her ability to choose good recipes and her enthusiasm for making something new.  She is so organized!  She has her guest list divided out by adults and children and she writes down every recipe she is serving and lists the cookbook and page number so she can find recipes in a jiffy.   She has great culinary skills.  “She is, as my father said in his Thanksgiving toast, the creator and preserver of our family traditions”, and Thanksgiving at the Scott house is filled with terrific traditions.

One of the best traditions is how everyone works together in the kitchen.  We all know that the action is in the kitchen.   Everyone gets a food assignment, recipe, ingredients, and a stations in the kitchen from which we execute our creations.   In an instant the kitchen transforms into a bustling preparations area; with the same feel as a busy restaurant kitchen. 

As the Chef of the kitchen we all follow Mom’s specific directions. We are her sous chefs.  She gives instructions, finds ingredients, and makes sure everything is prepared exactly how it needs to be.  We spend hours in the kitchen together. This is serious business, but it’s also a blast.  Some of my best memories are working together as a family in the kitchen. 

This year my future brother-in-law joined us for the first time.  He was a great help and jumped right in the food preparations.

It takes an army to pull of this Thanksgiving, and we have a great time doing it!

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