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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Party Planner's Notebook

The holidays are fast approaching and if you are like me, my calendar is already starting to fill.  This is the season for entertaining.  You may be hosting the family Christmas party, planning a cookie exchange, or looking ahead to a New Year's bash. With so many details to work through, how do you keep it all organized?

My party planner's notebook helps keep me sane and keep all the party details in one place. It's a fast and helpful way to stay organized during this busy season. 

What you need:

1. a three-ring binder

2. page protectors

3. business card holder

4. Party Planning Worksheet

I've used this notebook for countless of parties.  What I love about it is how it helps me keep track of information and details.  The page protectors are a handy way to store  inspiration photos, fabric samples, recipes, invitations, receipts or anything I might refer to while planning an event. 

My party planning notebook keep everything is one place.   It's also a great resource when I need to search for a favorite party recipe, or cool decor idea from a previous event.  All the details are in one central place with the help of my Party Planning Notebook.

Some events only require one page protector.

More involved events require a couple of page protectors to keep all the details together.

Regardless of how many materials I am keeping track of, my entertaining notebooks holds everything I need in one place.  Instead of wasting time searching for the party guest list I wrote down on a napkin, I use this notebook to keep organized so I can focus on more important party details.

Tomorrow I will share my party organizer worksheet: a must have for every event!

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