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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dinner at Sarducci's

The night before Brittany & Seth's wedding we met at Sarducci's for dinner in San Juan Capistrano.  I'm a big fan of getting to know the wedding party before the wedding.  It helps make the big day even more special, because you know everyone who is special to the Bride and Groom.

Brittany and Seth have both waited a long time to find "the one".  They were as happy as could be.  Brittany, reflecting on the night said, she thought maybe she needed to cry to show how excited she was.  "But, she said, "I didn't want to cry.  I was just happy." Happy indeed.

Dad is the Master of Ceremonies.  He carefully crafts what he will say, when, and to whom.  The evening's events followed his plan.  First, he wanted everyone to be introduced.  In the past he has asked us to introduce the person to our right.  This time he figured out a way to introduce specific individuals who would then introduce others.  

For example, Dad introduced me and then invited me to introduce my family.  

He introduce all my siblings who were present and had them introduce their families.

Mom introduced her family--all of her siblings were present, and Dad introduced his mother, my grandmother.  She was the only grandparent present.

Seth's mother, Lori, introduce her husband, Mike, and their family. 

Then, Seth's father, John, introduce his wife, Tammy, and their family.

Brittany and Seth, followed, each introduced their friends in attendance.

It sounds like a lot of introductions, but Dad did a fabulous job of intermixing food with talking.  We would have a few introductions, then our salads.  Next, he would ask for a few more introductions and then they would serve dinner.

  One of Mackenzie's friends told Dad that he had been to a lot of dinners, and this was the best one he had attended.  I think the difference is the details.  Dad thinks through how best to organize the evening and then works to make it all flow smoothly.  Nothing is unplanned.

  When it came time for the toasts, Seth's twin brother shared some wonderful stories and thoughts about Seth.  I am sure it has been hard on the twin brother to loose a best friend when he gets married.

Cameron gave the toast to Brittany.  They have always been very close.  Of all my siblings, they had been single the longest.   In his toast Cameron spoke of how Brittany and Seth were a good match.  He said Brittany's determination is coupled with Seth's service-minded actions. 

Cameron talked about the late night talks he and Brittany have shared about being single and waiting for the right one.  At one point Cameron picked up a present he had previously given to Brittany.  It was a high heeled shoe attached to a board that read "Never Again!!".

Apparently, during one late night conversation Cameron passed on advice to Brittany.  He had heard the story of two roommates.  One was dating a sub par guy.  The roommate encouraged, "You need to drop that guy like scrapping gum off the bottom of your shoe!" It's a vivid image.  So, Cameron constructed a shoe with gum being scrapped off the bottom.  His advice to Brittany was to not waste time with men that she knew she wouldn't marry and who didn't measure up to her standards.

Later that night I got a close up of Brittany and Cameron and "the shoe".
Brittany has kept it for many years.  She reportedly wrote reminders on small pieces of paper and put them in the shoe.  She wrote things like "Don't settle, " "Keep your eye on the goal", "It will be worth it." One reminder, showing a bit of desperation read, "If all else fails, call Cameron".

In his toast, Cameron said that now that Seth was in her life, Brittany wouldn't need the shoe.  Instead, he proposed a trade.  He said he would trade in Brittany shoes, for a pair of Rainbow sandals for Seth.  It has become something of a tradition to give our in-laws a pair of our favorite California-designed sandals.  Cameron did a superb job on his toast.  I appreciated the opportunity to help his craft parts of it while we drove around town running pre-wedding errands together.

Brittany was eloquent and poised as she talked about the man she was going to marry.  
There was no doubt that she was thrilled with her decision.

 Seth was equally charming.  
He spoke of his love for Brittany and how he knew she was the one for him.

My sister-in-law, Jennifer, caught this moment and shared it on Instagram.  It makes me smile to see how Brittany is looking at Seth and how they are both holding hands.  So excited for these two.

Seth with his Dad and brothers.

Brianna with cousin, Whitney

Brittany with the Thompsons
Early in the evening Brittany reference that her courtship and engagement with Seth had been 'fast and furious'. She then quoted her friend, Laura, seen below on the left as saying, "I wouldn't have expected anything less from you, Brittany."

Brittany with Jessica,

and former roommate, Leslie.

David and I decided to leave Jacob and Oliver with a babysitter in St. George so we could be more helpful during the wedding.  We really missed those two.  It was nice, however, to spend some time with Ethan and Nataleigh.  They are growing so quickly.

It was a lovely evening and a great continuation of the wedding festivities.

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