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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Brittany & Seth the big day!

 Early the next morning, Brittany was on her way to the San Diego Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The big day was finally here.

David and I were at this temple 13 years ago to be married.   This time we brought our two oldest children with us.  Just another examples of how fast time flies.

 It was a beautiful day, which was a blessing because the day before it rained and rained.  In fact, the party rental company was so concerned about the potential damage the rain could cause that called us and told us to cover the dance floor so it didn't warp.  Any pre-reception decorating was called off so that none of the decorations would be ruined.  Even the photographer started hatching a back up plan in case it was too rainy to take wedding pictures outside the temple. 
Suffice to say that seeing the sun and clear skies was a relief.

 This is three generations of Scotts.  
I should have grabbed Ethan or Nataleigh to make it four generations!

 Brianna and Taryn

 Bell Girls; Hailey, Lindsay and Whitney--Larson cousins from Utah.

 Nataleigh, my budding photographer, took this great picture of Cameron and Jana.  It's always insightful when I try to see the world through Nataleigh's eyes.

 I have full confidence that the  photographer took amazing pictures of Seth and Brittany. 
These are less amazing, but they at least show the happy couple from afar.

Mom and Kay

Mom and her siblings

Mom and Dad

Missed you, Ashleigh.

With sisters-in-laws. 
Jana and Jen are both such great additions to our family.  
Love you ladies!!

 The bride's side.  Whew!  What a group!

 The epitome of a happy couple.

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