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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Wedding festivities

My parents had painstakingly designed the entrance to our backyard where the reception would be.

This Instagram pic shows the tent they rented which housed the guests from any inclement weather. I've seen way too many backyard weddings be rained out.  I always recommend a back up plan, and the tent was our back up plan.

These paper lantern decorations gave us a run for our money.  We couldn't put them up the night before because of all the rain, so after we returned from the temple everyone raced to put things in place.  A large part of the crew were assigned to hang these beauties.  It took a colossal effort, but they looked great.

This is the rack. 
 It originated at my wedding.  I wanted to make sure that everyone had their wedding attire for each occasion and tried to limit any last minute rushing as we looked for little girl socks, slips, or skirts.  I made a personalized hanger for everyone and we kept all the clothes in one place.  It was a great idea then, and even though we are older and supposedly more responsible, the rack is still a great idea.  Because we were setting up until minutes before the reception began, it was helpful to have clothes in one place to help with the quick changes.  Mackenzie set the record for quick changes when she got dressed in 5 minutes right before our family picture!

Hard to believe from this picture that just one hour prior we were all in our best clothes at the temple.  As soon as we got home we put on our work attire and got to work making sure all the details were in place.  Actually, this was one of the most fun aspects of the weekend--working together to a common goal.   Yes, there was stress as we raced towards the deadline, but no one stressed out. We respected each other and worked together as a team.  It reminded me of being on the houseboat at Lake Powell.  The Captain calls out the orders and we all say "Aye, Aye" and get to work.  We have to work together.  This is my favorite aspect of coming from a large family; working together for the common good.

The bricks were swept, the carpet laid down, the engagement pictures were printed and framed.  The decorations hung, the cake delivered, the photographer busy and the flowers were in their place.

All that was left was to light the candles.

Guests came in through the archway,
listening to the sound of harp music,

they glanced at this terrific engagement picture that was taken just 48 hours prior.

They took a heart shaped cookie favor as they came in,

and this dapper gentleman helped them place their presents in a safe place.

The next day the guests would say that the entire evening was lovely.  
The couple was engaging, the wedding party excited, the food was good, the dancing was fun, and the setting was simple yet perfect.

 I actually don' t have very many photos of the reception.  
I was happy to greet guests and interact with people I hadn't seen in years. 

These are the only two pictures I have: both with my Thacker cousin, Bryan.

Brittany and Seth cut the wedding cake with a sword that Brittany earned while serving her LDS mission in Spain.  She was excited to incorporate that Spanish tradition for her wedding.  If you look closely, you can see Ethan in the background wearing white gloves.  He was the sword bearer; a responsibility he took very seriously.

One of my favorite moment of any wedding reception is the Daddy/Daughter dance.  Just like in the wedding movies, this is the one chance the Father-of-the-Bride and Bride get to be together.  It is one of the most special moments of the whole weekend.  Brittany choose "I Loved Her First" which was first release in 2006 the American country music group, Heartland.  The lyrics written by Walt Aldridge and Elliott Park are perfect:

...I loved her first, I held her first
And a place in my heart will always be hers
From the first breath she breathed 
While she first smiled at me
I knew the love of a father runs deep

And I prayed that she'd find you someday
But it's still hard to give her away
I loved her first...

Then it was time for the Bride and Grooms first dance. Brittany was radiant. She was so comfortable in his arms and I thank heaven they found each other.

I don't have any pictures of the dancing, or the grand exit.  Imagine the brick walkway lined with well-wishes and long sparklers sending the two love birds on their way.

Dad rented a historic car and driver to whisk them away.  
It is reportedly the oldest running car in the country.  It was beautiful.

Then in a flash, the reception was over. 
The flowers, vases, and decorations were collected.
The guests were thanked and the evening drew to a close. 

 It was so kind of family to travel great distances to celebrate with us.

 As siblings, we were grateful for the opportunity to be together again.

This is what was left of the yummy chocolate mousse cake.

Grandma Scott was a real trooper. 

  I had to include this picture of Merrick because it is a great example of how we all felt.  He didn't want to go to bed because that would mean leaving the party, but he was so tired that as soon as he sat down he feel asleep.  
It was a wonderful whirlwind of a weekend.
Congratulations Brittany & Seth

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  1. Megan, I do hope you're working on a blog book because you are going to want to read these entries again and again! Such a great description of your sister's wedding events and incredible pictures. I feel like I stepped into a wonderful moment with your wonderful family. I am so happy for you and your clan, especially your beautiful sister!