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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Our 2012 Nativity

December 16
Dinner and Nativity at the Smith's

Megan Gubler Smith is pictured here with Nataleigh on her eight birthday.  Megan comes to my house once a month with her visiting teaching companion.  She has been so very kind to me and my family, and is always concerned with our well-being.  We've shared many heart-to-heart talks.  Megan grew up in Santa Clara as one of seven children.  All siblings live within a mile of each other.  She has given me great insights and helped me adjust to our Santa Clara surroundings.

Megan is also president of the primary.  She is particularly attuned to Jacob.  Maybe its because she is a kindergarten teacher.  Most likely it is because she is full of love for each of her primary children.
Jacob often takes a nap during Sacrament meeting and has a rough time transitioning to Primary.  She is so patient with him and so quick to take him under her wing and helped him.  

One particular Sunday when David couldn't get Jacob to stop crying Megan came up and took Jacob by the hand and helped him get involved with the lesson.  She kept him by her side the entire lesson.  It was a very tender act of charity.  We count our blessings to know Megan Smith and the Smith family.  

This year she invited our family to her home for Christmas dinner.  Afterwards, we sang a Christmas song and the children acted out the nativity as the song cued their entrance.  It was a sweet and simple nativity. Megan had asked Jacob if he wanted to hold the shepherd's crook.  He dutifully filed into the scene and held his crook when we sang about the shepherd.  It didn't really matter that he wanted nothing to do with the costume.  He was every bit the shepherd. 

Acting out the nativity has got to be one of my most favorite Christmas tradition.
Christmas is about small, special moments like singing a Christmas carol as children act out the nativity.    It's about being with good friends and celebrating the love we have for each other and the Savior has for us.

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