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Saturday, January 5, 2013

list for Santa, apple treats, and wrapping

Some of the memories of this Christmas include Jacob's continual Christmas list.  This sweet boy was so excited for Santa that he kept augmenting his Christmas list.  Every day it seems some other desired toy was added.  At first he taped it to the door.  That way Santa was sure to get this list.  As Christmas got nearer he decided to type his list on his iPad.  The best part was that he could remember his ever growing list each time he rewrote it...
1. A Pirate Spyglass,
2. gold dab-looms,
3.  bad guys (from "Cars"),
4. "The Professor" (from "Cars"),
5. a guitar,

 and our favorite...

6. a "portfolio"
You might ask what a 6 year-old was thinking when asking for a portfolio.  We did.  Turns out that in one of the "Curious George" episodes The Man in the Yellow Hat looses his portfolio on the city bus and "George" the monkey spends the rest of the episode trying to help him find it.  Jacob found the scene on his iPad and paused it when the portfolio came into view. "I need a portfolio" he would explain.

Call me a nerd, but this year I wanted to give out more of a healthy treat so we decided to make dried apples.  Ethan was the champion apple peeler.

One of my favorite parts about wrapping presents is the time I get to spend with David.  We wrapped the presents with the kids were asleep and we usually found a classic movie to watch as we wrapped.  This year during our wrapping nights we saw both "White Christmas" and the "Miracle on 34th Street".

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