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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Camp Christmas party

December 15th
Camp's Czarnowski Christmas party

Our neighbor, Willy, runs the Czarnowski production shop here in town.  Every year he and Kathryn host a terrific party in their home which includes dinner, activities for the kiddies, and a special visit from Santa.

Did I mention she also makes her world famous Recess Peanut Butter Cup cookies?  When her former high school leadership students go on their missions, they often request a package of these amazing cookies. Delish!

Myrika Meyer helped run the kids' activity area during the party.  She and her sister, Mckenzie, are living in our apartment until their wedding and mission, respectively.  It is such a joy to have them around.  They are both so kind and helpful.  We appreciate having a bit of Fruit Heights in our home.

The kids decorated ice cream cones with frosting and candies to make miniature Christmas trees. What a fun idea.

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