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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmas cookies

 December 18 & 19

We had planned to have a family night with our neighbors to act out the nativity and decorate cookies.  Unfortunately, everyone was sick--both our family and our friends.  So we canceled the party.  I still had, however, lots of cookies.  When we were feeling better we decorated the tree and gingerbread shaped cookies.  

I grew up decorated sugar cookies at Christmas.  It just wouldn't be Christmas without that tradition.

Yes, my Mom homemade all those cookies below!  What a woman!!  I tried to simply the tradition, a bit, by buying the cookies instead of making them myself.  I'm sure they didn't taste as good as my Mom's cookies.

All five of my sisters! Circa 2006
 (From left to right) Ashleigh, Brianna, Mackenzie, Brooke, Brittany

David, Nataleigh, me and Ethan decorating sugar cookies at Grandma's house.

The next night we took the cookies to the widows and widowers in our neighborhood. After one stop Ethan asked me why I was talking so loudly to the sister we just visited.  I explained that she was hard of hearing and we needed to speak loudly so she could hear us.  It is such a good experience for my children to reach out to these special people.

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