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Monday, January 28, 2013

Happy 60th Birthday, Dad!

My Dad turned 60 in January.  

My Mom's gift was a family Christmas cruise, and after the cruise we had a traditional birthday breakfast for Dad.

When they heard Hostess was going out of business, Mom and Dad bought all the hostess cakes they could find.  Naturally, we had to have a Hostess party, so we incorporated these treats--along with some donuts-- for Dad's birthday breakfast.

My sister-in-law, Jana, was the mastermind behind this party.  She found a cruise photo that she felt epitomized my Dad at 60, and we decided we needed a birthday breakfast celebration to present it to him.  It was the perfect idea.

How the Scott Birthday Breakfast Tradition Started

The Scott traditional Birthday Breakfast started because growing up my Dad usually worked late into the night, making an evening birthday celebration difficult. We really did have cake and ice cream for breakfast for many years, and I didn't think anything of it, until I got married.  It didn't take long before David kindly suggested maybe we could modify the traditional from birthday cake to a crumb cake.  My Mom loved the idea and now she makes a divine cinnamon bunt cake for birthdays.  In-laws can be so helpful.

One Thing We Admire About The Birthday Person

  Another tradition associated with a birthday breakfast started after I left the house.  During breakfast everyone takes a turn to tell the birthday person one thing they admire about that person, or a favorite memory. It was an especially touching experience this particular morning as we each took turns sharing memories about Dad.  Each person shared heart-felt expressions, and we shed lots of tears of appreciation.  Here's my best recollection of what people said about Dad on his 60th birthday:

Brooke: "I appreciate the long hours of time Dad spent helping me with my college applications"

Megan: "Growing up, I remember Dad giving us piggy back rides.  Later, I remember the time he took me to Boston to explore college there.  I remember getting on the plane right from the homecoming game where I had just been crowned Homecoming Queen. I remember eating breakfast--sticky buns and orange juice--in a quant shop on Newberry Street in Boston.  I remembering how fun it was to just be the two of us."

Jen: "I have memories of great vacations, of 'tennis shoe trees' and finding fun things to do in every location, of Craig's 'When in Rome' philosophy of traveling.

Mackenzie: "I called Dad after I got my recommend to go to the temple before my mission, because I wanted to tell him first.  He told me he saved that message because it was so important to him.  I appreciate his support of me, including his support of me in the art program at BYU"

Jana: "I appreciate Craig's attention to detail and the effort he made to make sure that our wedding dinner was 'just right'.  It was a special night that we will always remember, and that's because Craig took the time to put all the details together.

Tyson Scott: "Dad is such a selfless person.  I could not have gotten into medical school without his help.  He has also done so much pro bono work for us recently as we bought our medical practice.  I'm so grateful to him."

Jackie: "When I met Craig at the Language Training Mission I remember thinking 'you're not fun at all'.  How wrong I was!  Look at all the fun we have had together!"

Brianna: "I appreciate that Dad is connected to the Spirit.  I remember Dad taking me to a try out and he could sense that I was really nervous.  He was sensitive to that and offered to say a prayer together.  That prayer calmed my nerves and I felt much better.  It is that same sensitivity to the Spirit that stopped Dad when we were in Hannibal, Missouri on our family vacation and caused Dad to count the kids and realize that I was missing.  The cell phones hadn't worked, and if he hadn't been sensitive to the Spirit it would have been a long time before they could have turned around and come back to find me."

Tyson Smith: "I remember the Carmel Apple Talk and that when the interview was over I still had my entire apple left, because I was the one doing all the talking.  Also, Craig was the first one to be supportive of our going to Italy.  I didn't know how we were going to make it happen, but we really appreciated his support and encouragement.

Ethan: "I remember fishing with Grandpa at Lake Powell.  I remember getting up early, getting our fishing poles ready, and Grandpa taking me out of the speed boat.

David: "I, too, remember the Carmel Apple Talk.  I remember being so cold and shaking the entire time, but being impressed that Craig cared enough about his daughter to ask me the hard questions.  I also remember our talks at Lake Powell and seeking his advice on jobs.  He always takes time to listen even when his time is so valuable.  He never makes you feel like its a burden.

Brittany: "I remember Dad listening to me talk when I was in 5th grade.  I'm not sure I had anything important to say, but he listened.  I remember dancing with him at our Brownie troupe's Daddy/Daughter dance.  I remember him swinging me under his legs and then lifting me high above his shoulders. I remember him helping me with my math, school work, and help getting a job at a law firm.  I also remember being at student body camp during the summer, the same week that Megan was getting married.  Dad arranged to have me get on a train that took me to a plane that, then, took me to a car so that I could be a part of the wedding celebration.  Cameron picked me up at the airport at said, 'Brittany, Dad has gone to a lot of effort to get you here for this weeding because family is important,"

Halfway through the breakfast Berkleigh started to cry.  She later shared that she loved Grandpa because without Grandpa she wouldn't have a Dad, and she loved her Dad.  Very tender.

Sharing these memories together was the perfect culmination of a week-long adventure with the family.
Happy Birthday, Dad!

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