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Sunday, January 27, 2013

New Years 2013

 With all this talk of traditions, it's important to note that if something is worthy of becoming a tradition, than its worthy of modification. For years and years and years we have played at the park with the Thackers on Thanksgiving morning.  It started as a way to get the kids out of the house while my Moms cooked Thanksgiving dinner.  It has evolved into breakfast at the park enjoying the Thacker's famous egg burritos, donuts and hot chocolate.  We also play a little kick ball. 

Because my siblings and I were gathering for the Christmas cruise, no one came home for Thanksgiving and we missed our Thacker/Scott Thanksgiving Traditions. Then we cruised for Christmas; once again missing a long-standing tradition of Christmas Eve with the Thackers.  Not willing to let the holiday season pass by without any time with our California Cousins, we seized the opportunity to get together for New Year's Eve. The day day started with breakfast burritos at the park, and a little kick ball. This year Tyson Smith conjured up a new way to divide the kick ball teams: "True Bloods" verses "New Bloods". I'm embarrassed to admit that I think the new bloods won.  I guess either way I'm on a winning team.  Either my siblings and cousins won, or I won because I married a talented kick ball player.


Posing on a swing set is the way we've cataloged each Thanksgiving for as far back as I can remember.  It's a great way to track how the family grows as we add in-laws and babies to the mix.
 Long live traditions--even if they are modified.

Grandma Jackie created lots of goodies for the "candy bar", a virtual buffet of never-ending treats.  Its another tradition that anyone who has been to our house at Christmas will remember.

Oliver was in good spirits and enjoyed the energy of the night.

  We made homemade pizzas for dinner.

  Leave it to my sweetie pie daughter to make her pizza heart-shaped.

 After dinner, the Thackers came over for some late night frivolity. 
We hung the New Year's banner.

Everyone donned their festive attire.

 We practiced our New Year's kisses.

Then, we counted down to the New Year.
When the appointed time came the horns blew, the streamers flew, and the poppers popped!

Only a video camera could accurately capture the pandemonium.  One of my favorite parts of this moment is Dad and Tyson Smith intent on playing their speed scrabble game despite the chaos. While partiers are hugging and singing "Auld Lang Syne", they could be heard saying, "draw" as they competed for the best letter tiles. 

 Isn't it sweet that Jacob wanted in on a New Year's kiss?  Mackenzie was happy to oblige.
Good thing Nataleigh has her Daddy to help her usher in the New Year.
 Here is a picture of all seven couples.  
(Uncle Ted and Aunt Glenna stayed at home with the grand babies.) 
There's a new found level of contentment knowing that we have, now, all found our true loves.  
No need to go to a Stake Youth dance looking for a New Year's kiss...

...and kissing we did!

That's some serious dipping and kissing going on. :)
What a perfect way to ring in the new year.
Happy 2013!

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