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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Snow Canyon High School cheer

Before 2012 slips too far away, there are a couple of posts I want to make sure to include.
This Fall Nataleigh participated in the Snow Canyon High School cheer clinic. We've done a similar clinic at Davis High and it was a little weird to be in new school colors.  

There is a large peer group Nataleigh age.  That makes activities like this lots of fun.

One of the interesting observations we made was how Nataleigh responds when she is "performing".  Her violin teacher explained that some kids shine under pressure and others wilt.  Apparently Nataleigh is in the first group.  However, she doesn't naturally seek attention (unlike her Mother-ha ha). She is definitely aware when we are watching her.  When she sees the camera, she comes alive.

For example, when she first went on the field she was very focused. You could see it in her face. (See the first picture on the left). Then, as soon as she found me and David and our cameras she was all smiles.  What a performer.

Still working on her toe touch :)

Love this girl!

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