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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Atlanta History Center

Day 7

Before flying out of Atlanta, Georgia, we stopped at the Atlanta History Center.  It was important for us to share with our children the history of the South.  Unfortunately, a big part of that history is the Civil War.  A couple of things stood out to me during our tour of the museum;

1. The soldiers who fought and died were not that much older than Ethan.

 2.  The North and South fought over many things, namely state's rights.  One side believed it was their right to own slaves.  The other believed that to own another human being was immoral and inhumane. The South really believed that it was their right to own slaves, and they went to war over it.

3. Neither side expected the war to last as long as it did.

4. The toll was heavy on both sides.

5. Still today, the North and the South view the Civil War differently.  The tone of the museum, here in the South, was markedly different than the tone Ethan and I felt while visiting a similar museum up North in Washington, D.C.. In fact, I am told that in classrooms in the South the war is not called "The Civil War".  Rather, it is referred to as the "War of Northern Aggression". 

6. As I look through the museum and study the situation that lead to the war, I can't help but feel that, if we are not careful, we could easily fall into the trap of a civil war again.  
With the national election so recent, I feel a great divide within our country.  Visiting the sacred land where so many people lost their lives was a vivid reminder that war is devastating.  To both sides.  It is very humbling.

I'm so grateful we took the time to visit the museum.  

With only a few hours to spare, we were on our way to the airport.
All in all, I have to say the kids traveled very well.  Oliver had the hardest time as he adjusted from one hotel crib to another.  Jacob kept up with the big kids most of the time, and was happy to be involved.
(I just love this picture of him.  He is such a sweet, sweet boy!)

It was a long flight home as we flew West.  Everyone was tired and happy to be back home in our beds.

Still, it was an incredible trip and one that we will not soon forget.  I am grateful we took advantage of the opportunity to visit good friends and experience the South.

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