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Friday, December 7, 2012

Geck-a-thon and Moving Lambs

We got home from our South trip late Monday night.  First things Tuesday morning Ethan ran a mini-triatholan.  The event was organized through his intermediate school and he had signed up weeks before we planned our trip.  Ethan was diligent to exercise during our trip and he was very excited to swim, bike and run.  Only 40 male and 40 female students who were in good standing with their teachers and classes could participate.  

Ethan's goal was to finish in the top 15 and he finished 11th.  We are so proud of him!!

He swam 300 meters,

biked four miles,

(Look at that smile. He had a blast the entire time.)

and then ran two miles.


He did it all in 48 minutes and 45 seconds. He was so pleased with the experience.  After the adrenaline subsided, he realized how tired he was, but he still had a good time.

 Don't ask me what motivated him to do it.  That's the kind of kid he is.  He sets his sights on a goal, and there's nothing stopping him.  I'm one proud Momma.


As soon as Ethan finished, he and David went to help our dear friends, The Lambs, pack up their trailer and move.  While we knew of their plans to move, it wasn't until we got their text during our South trip that we learned how quickly they would be leaving.  Our hearts sank.  The Lambs have been great friends to us.  Both our families moved in within months of each other.  David remembers the first time they came to Church.  We had been praying for friends for Ethan, and in walks this stellar-looking family with four boys!  Shortly thereafter David was called as their home teacher.  It was then that we learned:

1. Stewart Lamb is cousins with David's brother-in-law, Scott Nielson,

2. The Lambs were good friends with David's cousin, LaDawn Millward,

3. Stewart was roommates with David's best friends from high school: Kirk Sorensen and Kirk Dorius, and

4. Both Stewart and David were, at the time, working with Henry Walker Homes.  In fact, unbeknownst to them, they worked at the SAME desk, alternating days/times when they worked there!

The connections were uncanny.  Quickly, we became fast friends.  The Lamb's house was the one we would ride our bikes to on a Sunday afternoon.  The Lambs were the ones we sat next to at Church. David and Stewart could talk for hours and hours.  The Lambs were the ones we double-dated with, even triple dating with the Millwards.   

  Ethan and their oldest, Gavin, also became fast friends.  Gavin was a blessing to Ethan.  He was someone he could ride the bus with and hang out with during class while both were transitioning into Intermediate School.  Ethan and Gavin have the same values and each were the friend the other one needed.

As for me and Monica, I am deeply grateful for her beautiful Spirit and friendship.  Monica is as real as they come. She has no pretense.  Her motivations are pure.  She genuinely wants to be the best person she can be and to raise her family in righteousness.  

 While our time together was too short, I am so grateful for the opportunity to know and love the Lamb Family.  We wish the best of success in their new endeavors, but we will sorely miss them!!

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  1. Ethan is an inspiration to me! Look at that kid go!