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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Church in Madison, Birmingham & Atlanta Temples

Day 6

Today was Sunday.  We were excited to go to Church with the Sorensens and Dorius to catch an even greater glimpse into the lives of our friends.  I also think it is important for my children to see that the Church is the same wherever we go; Stockholm, Sweden or Madison, Alabama.

Kirk and Quincy treated us to lunch after Church.  

 David worked hard to get Oliver to take a nap before our four hours of driving to Atlanta.  I guess it worked ;)

I have to admit that it was a bittersweet ending to our trip, because we really didn't want to leave.  It was such a pleasure to be with our good friends.  We so enjoyed the opportunity to see their beautiful home and allow our children to interact.  Nothing warms the heart more than to see the next generation enjoy themselves as much as we do.
 To Zoe and Kaijia, please know of our deep love for you.  We look forward to our next time together--whenever that it.  Truly, as Shakespeare's Juliet says, "parting is such sweet sorrow".

We left our friends behind and headed into the beautiful setting sun.

Before leaving Alabama, however, we stopped at the Birmingham Temple.  Ever since our temple touching tour of Utah, we make it a priority to touch every temple we can.

At last, after a huge traffic delay, we finally made it to Atlanta.  The first thing we did was drive by the Atlanta, Georgia temple.

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