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Friday, November 2, 2012

Spontaneous Combustion

I really enjoy being with my siblings. 
 In a family of eight kids, we joke that whenever two or more Scotts get together, it's a party!  

Because we like to be together, there is sometimes a phenomenon that occurs that I refer to as "spontaneous combustion."  Wikipedia defines that as, " a type of combustion which occurs by self heating, followed by thermal runaway and finally, ignition."   

The idea is that as soon as two or more siblings get together there is a concerted effort by other siblings to be part of the party.  As more siblings decide to attend, even more want to join in.  The result is an "ignition" of a full-blown family party.  

Here are two examples of this phenomenon.

 Brianna's graduation, May 2009

My sister, Brianna, graduated from the Culinary Arts Institute in Scottsdale, Arizona
At first, my parents and Brooke (who was living at home) planned to attend.
 Then, Tyson and Jen decided to come. Next, Brittany drove in from Michigan with Cameron and Mackenzie decided to come in from Provo.  Momentum was building and quickly this was becoming a family event. 

Ashleigh decided to fly in from Texas, and I changed my ticket to fly from a board meeting in Washington DC so I could meet David in Arizona and be part of the party.  In the end, ALL EIGHT of the siblings from five different states were there.

Part of the fun was that the siblings' response was spontaneous.

(I have to admit that one of the driving factors for everyone gathering was that both Cameron and Brianna wanted the family to meet the people they were dating at the time, Jana Farr and Tyson Smith.  Tyson Smith's parents were leaving for Thailand where Brother Smith was called to be Mission President, and we all recognized that this might be the only time we could meet Tyson's parents before they left on their mission. My Dad organized a dinner at a nearby restaurant so we could all meet.)  

This Arizona party is still one of my favorite memories. 

Another example,
 Mom's birthday, April 2010

My Dad organized a dinner for my Mom to celebrate her 60th birthday.  My siblings living in California, Brooke and Tyson, planned to attend. Mackenzie and I thought it sounded like fun and started looking for inexpensive airline tickets from Utah.  Brittany, who was in Michigan at the time, also decided to come--two weeks before her law school finals.  Pretty soon we had five of the eight siblings attending this fun event.  My Mom had no clue that three of us had flow in.  It was such a fun surprise!  

The older we get and as our individual families grow and our lives become more established, it is harder and harder to get everyone together. Having five siblings present is not as much fun as when all eight are there, but as the rule suggests--two or more is definitely a party.

Last weekend was another example. Igniting event: 
Jacob's horse therapy show, October 2012

My parents wanted to attend the final showcase of Jacob's horse therapy, and planned to come to Utah for the event. Mackenzie wanted Mom and Dad to meet her boyfriend,Nicolas, while they were in Utah.  So, Mom and Dad decided to make a trip to Utah County and have dinner with Mackenzie and Nicolas. (Remember the principle of two or more?  I feel a party coming together!)

Cameron and Jana came down from Salt Lake. Brooke drove down from Idaho. I didn't want to be left out, so I decided to drive up with Mom and Dad from St. George. And then Brittany, who also wanted to introduce her boyfriend to the family and be part of the party, flew in with Seth from Washington, D.C.  

That's how it happens-- spontaneous combustion!

Grandma Scott joined the dinner at Chef's Table in Orem and we all had a great time.  We talked and joked and enjoyed having five of the eight together.  To the other siblings Tyson, Ashleigh, and Brianna, we missed you!  We look forward to the next time that two or more Scotts can be together.  PARTY! 


  1. oh I was there. :) Miss Sneaky Megan with her amazing under the table texting abilities. Haha.
    So bummed we couldn't come. We miss living in California and being there for every party, and bumming rides with Craig and Jackie when they decide to make a trip to Utah! :)
    Can't wait till our next combustion in our tropical christmas getaway.

  2. PS. Nothing like a little walk down memory lane to make you want to loose some weight! Seriously, I do not look like that now, I am not eating anything tomorrow. :)

  3. Your halloween costume is AMAZING!!!!
    I saw David, and saw the other person, and looked and looked to think if I knew them. Then I read the post!!! lol!!
    I think blonde could be a thing for you. :)

  4. So many great memories! And I agree with Jen! I am so excited for Christmas! Thanks for posting these great pictures! I feel like I was there too (and the texts helped too! )