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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Primary Program

One of my favorite Sundays of the year is when the Primary children have their Sacrament Meeting program.  I marvel at what they are learning at such a young age.  I am grateful for the Primary teachers and leaders who help facilitate their learning, and I am reminded of what Jesus Christ meant when he commanded us to be like little children.

As I think about the titles and first lines of the songs they learn in Primary, I realize the powerful truths they are taught.  

"I am Trying To Be Like Jesus"
"I Am A Child of God"
"Teach Me to Walk in the Light of His Love"
"Jesus Said Love Everyone"
"I Hope They Call Me on a Mission"
"I Wonder When He Comes Again"

In addition to the great music, I especially appreciate hearing the testimonies of these precious children of our Heavenly Father.  This was Ethan's last Primary program.  While I am excited for him to graduate to the Young Men's program next  year, it will also bittersweet to say good-bye to Primary and to the sweet innocence of youth. It was very touching to hear him share his testimony.

 These young children may be entertaining to watch when they speak loudly into the microphone, or when they make funny faces at their families.  Some are even too shy to speak at all.  It is easy to relate to the parent who is trying to correct behavior from the congregation by using a simple raise of the eyebrow or finger wag.  I've done that.  Watching my children standing before the congregation is a good reminder that while they are young, and they still need our nurturing, their Spirits are maturing.  They are learning so many important gospel truths. 

I know Heavenly Father is pleased with these sweet spirits, and I thank heaven for the opportunity and privilege to be their mother.

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  1. Kaija and I have just been reading and loving your blog! Yay for this connection! Now Kaija is moaning, "MOTHER, Mother, when will they be here???"