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Thursday, November 1, 2012


All the Halloween festivities lead up to the big day.  The kids were so excited for Halloween!
One fun thing that the elementary school does is a costume parade.  At the end of the day all the classes line up and parade around the school track.  Parents line the track and take pictures, or just watch the fun.  
 Nataleigh can find the camera in a crowd without any problem.  She really had fun with her costume.

Jacob was a little more nervous about the crowds, but he was excited when he saw Dad. 

Oliver was content to watch the parade go by.

 A few hours later we were in full Halloween mode.
Ethan wanted to be Charlie Brown, but we couldn't find a costume in his size, so he opted to be Schroder, Charlie Brown's piano-playing best friend.  The real story of this costume, however, is the cool piano trick-or-treat bag.  We had been struggling to find some kind of piano prop to help people know who Ethan was.  About 30 minutes before we were suppose to leave the house, David decides he is going to make a piano bag.  In that time he goes to the store, buys the material, traces his idea on the fabric, cuts, pins, sews the bag, and paints the keys.  ALL BY HIMSELF.  Wow.  I have to admit I was really skeptical.  I guess all those classes in home ec really paid off.

 Nataleigh was Eliza Doolittle from "My Fair Lady".  She is my little lady.

 Jacob was a "Cars" themed race car driver.

 Oliver was a happy Jack-O-Lantern
(More happy when he didn't have to wear his hat.)

Our whole crew.
 We went trick-or-treating with the Camps 
(Iron Man, Construction Worker, Jedi, Friendly Witch)

Jacob had the time of his life.  He loved every second.  After he left one door he would say "What's next?"  He did tire out by the end of the night.  At that point, he enjoyed filling the bags of the trick-or-treaters who came to our door.

 One of the Santa Clara Halloween traditions is "Cynthia Lane".  The houses that line the street do a great job of getting into the Halloween spirit.  Each house does something different; kettle corn, home made corn dogs, home made root beer, carnival games, inflatable houses, haunted houses, and bucket train rides. 

 I love that they block off the street to cars, so the trick-or-treaters are more safe.  Cynthia Lane is a great way to spend the evening and enjoy being with neighbors.

This joker had a great time, too.

We came home and lit our pumpkins just in time to greet the few trick-or-treaters we got on our street. Jacob was content to stay with me and the sleeping Oliver while the older two did a few more streets.  

This was the first Halloween, ever, that we've all gone out trick-or-treating together as a family.  Usually, I stay home to man the house and stay with any sleeping babies while David takes the kids door to door.  This year I decided that more important than receiving a few trick-or-treaters at the door, I needed to spend the evening with my children.  I am so glad we did. It made it one of the most memorable Halloween evenings, yet. 

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  1. I knew the minute I saw Nataleigh who she was... Berkleigh oohed and aahed... Maybe can we borrow that costume next year? :) My Fair Lady is one of my ALL time favorite movies. Your kids are fab. I love it! I think we need to come visit you next october for halloween, your street party looks amazing!