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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving memories

I've talked a lot about my Scott family Thanksgiving traditions.  The truth is, however, that most of the Thanksgivings we have shared as a married couple have been with David's family.  Here are some photos of past Thanksgivings with the Rasmussen family.

Marty's House

Sterling Drive / Emily

Elizabeth / Heidi (with Jacob)

David / Riley

Jessica and Tyson

Megan and David with Jacob

Spencer, Nathan, Ethan, Andrew, Austin

Marty's House

Lizzy, Nataleigh, Rebecca, and Ethan, Andrew

Sterling Drive

Elizabeth's house 
Emily and Aaron

Heidi and Aaron

David and Megan

Elizabeth and Marty

Carly, Sarah, Lizzy, Rebecca

Elizabeth and Scott


Carolyn's house

Rebecca, Emily and Melora

Marty and Carolyn

Looking forward to another terrific turkey day.
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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