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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween festivities

Halloween is a bustling time.  
There is always lots of activities and fun ways to celebrate the changing season.  
This past week it seems like we have gone from one activity or event to the next!

First, we visited a fall farm festival put on by a neighbor.  The kids enjoyed bucket train rides, dutch oven cooking, horse and tractor rides and pumpkin picking.

We also pulled out our Halloween decorations.  
This year Nataleigh added bats and a witches' hat that we made in Activity Days.

Jacob had his Montessori school's Trunk-or Treat

David and I attended a "Famous Couples" Halloween party.  
We went as the famous gangsters duo-- Bonnie and Clyde.

While Grandpa and Grandma Scott were in town, we made traditional Halloween stew, baked apples, and even some Halloween sugar cookies.

Ethan's sixth grade choir class had a concert...

complete with a class-wide rendition of "Thriller".  
Ethan was selected to do the narration.

Nataleigh participated in the Southwest Symphony's Halloween concert as part of a youth symphony. 

She's been working hard for weeks to learn her music.  
The group dressed in costume and played three numbers including the theme to "The Addams Family".
(Ethan and all the other attending youth got in free when they dressed up in costume.)

And today, I got to help with Jacob's Kindergarten class Halloween party.

Whew!  Reliving it all make me tired again!

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  1. Wow! Lots going on! Sounds familiar. :) I love that Jacob's teacher is Diet Coke... I understand that, however, I don't know how I taught kindergarten without drinking caffeine. :) Oh the energy needed is insane.