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Monday, October 8, 2012

McKay and Melissa Meyer wedding reception

I love weddings.  
I love the celebration of two people joining their lives together.  I love seeing the support of family and friends, and I love to see how the wedding reflects the bride.

Friday night we attending the wedding reception for McKay and Melissa Meyer who were sealed in the Las Vegas, Nevada LDS Temple.  Their reception was at Melissa's home in Henderson.   It was beautiful. Stunning, actually.  The wedding party was in classic black and white formal with hints of light pink.

Not only do I love weddings, I also love the Meyer family.
They have six girls and two boys.  It's the same family make-up as my family.  Being around families of eight makes me smile, because its easy to see the similarities in my own family and it brings back so many memories.

  I've worked with each of the six Meyer ladies in the Young Womens' organization, and David worked with McKay when he was 12-14.  Brother Meyer, now Bishop Meyer, was the counselor assigned to Young Women's when I was serving in that organization and I always appreciated his advice and counsel.  Lisa is an amazing woman. I admire her dedication to her family and her own shinning testimony.  I feel very fortunate to know her.

 It was such a treat to see all the Meyers at the wedding.
Each is maturing into beautiful and handsome young adults.

Beyond the wonderful people there, the reception was also wonderful.  It was easy to see that every detail was carefully thought out.  The tables were beautifully draped, the cake was elegant, and the table scape matched perfectly.

It was fun to see a review of their "Love Story" and to see the carefully decorated playhouse which housed activities for the little guests.  (Nataleigh really enjoyed coloring a picture of the wedding cake and using the available rhinestones to make it sparkle.)  The lights all around the back yard sparkled, too, which added to the romantic atmosphere.

Guests left was an "M & M" favor--how appropriate for "M"ckay and "M"elissa "M"eyer.  
They also had sparklers to help send off the happy couple.

There was a perfect ambiant setting sun that cast a warm glow over all the tables, and one couldn't help but be swept up in the magic of the evening. 

McKay and Melissa look like royalty in this picture.  
Seriously!  They could be the Prince and Princess of any country.  What a handsome couple. 

 For me and David, the biggest reality check was looking at Nataleigh and realizing that in a few short years we could be celebrating her wedding. 

It's a scary, daunting thought. I choose not to think about that right now. Instead, I'll celebrate the wonderful marriage of McKay and Melissa Meyer. We are thrilled for them.

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