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Sunday, October 7, 2012


I have wonderful memories of General Conference.  I could locate lots of pictures of conferences from the past where family and friends gathered at our home to watch and hear from prophets of God.  Conference has always been about family.

As my children get older my focus shifts from entertaining and hosting my siblings and relatives, to focusing on my children.  It is wonderful to watch them grow and develop in the gospel and to start building the foundation of their faith.  Their tender testimonies are growing and I love spending quality time with them.

I'll forever be thankful to Ramona Miller from the Fruit Heights 5th ward for sharing her secret to successful General Conference weekends.  On her suggestion, I prepare a small bag with an activity for each of the kids for each session.  It has to be something they can do while they listen, and ,ideally, it helps them stay engaged. 

One session, this season, Nataleigh got shrink-a-dinks.  Ethan got a mind puzzle and Jacob got some threading beads and large puzzles.  I really do love having my children close as we listen to faith promoting experiences.  Conference is my favorite time of year.

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