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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

David's birthday

Summer means birthdays at our house.  First it's Jacob's birthday, then Nataleigh's.  David is next, and Ethan and Oliver will follow.  Our anniversary is also in the summer.  It's a fun and crazy time.

I think its fun to see the hand-made gifts that Nataleigh comes up with.  This time it was a duct tape "DAD" with magnets. Ethan was excited to spend his well-earned money to buy Dad some camping gear--hint hint, Dad.

We had a carrot cake for Nataleigh's friend party and a banana cake for her family party.  David requested an apple sauce cake.  It's all SCD legal  (more on that soon).

 It turned out well and I am so proud of my family and their dedication to healthy eating.

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