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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Monsoon rains in July

This has been a monsoon year and we have seen the extra moisture, first hand, in St. George.

We first hear the rain start to beat down.  

Then, within a matter of minutes, the water is everywhere.

It fills our pool cover.

It spills over the sidewalks and gutters and into the street.

What amazes me is how fast and how hard the water falls.

 The kids race outside in their pajamas.

And get drenched.

Below, is a picture is taken near the bridge in Santa Clara that was nearly overcome with water during the floods of 2005.  That flood caused hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage.  I remember watching images on the television of homes falling into the raging river.

One family in our ward was just about to move into their newly built home when the 2005 flood washed it away. They had to start building again from scratch.  Neighbors here talk about how amazing it was to watch the entire community come together to help out each other.

Santa Clara knows water.  Residents know how powerful and how destructive it can be.  The good news is that they learned a lot from the floods of 2005 and they have made major changes to the infrastructure to prevent that type of massage damage from happening again.

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