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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Father's Day

We had five fabulous father figures in our home for Father's Day.
Unfortunately, Tyson Scott had to leave early to catch a plane back to Oregon. The rest of us had German pancakes for breakfast with fresh berries, whip cream and peach smoothies.  I was so excited to use my antique china that I bought in Sweden.

Brooke got back from Italy the day before our family gathered for Lake Powell and for Father's Day she gave Dad a tie and cufflinks from Italy.  She also gave Mom some belated Mother's Day gifts--an Italian cook book and a nativity from the city where nativities originated.

Then, the men opened the ties we made for them and were surprised to see each unique piece of art.
Jana lead us in a favorite Father's day primary song, "I'm so glad when Daddy Comes Home". 

Apparently, Tyson Scott who wore his tie on the airplane, got a number of comments about his fun tie.  A couple of people even took pictures of it!  Each tie represented something about the tie-holder and often included photos and embellishments.  I have to admit next time I'd use less glue because they were awfully hard to tie, but these guys had the most colorful ties on the block!

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