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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sewing with Aunt Jen

After our week at Lake Powell Jen stayed with us for swimming lessons with Merrick, Berkleigh and Quincy.  We soaked up the time with our Oregon cousins.  This summer I wanted to put Nataleigh in sewing lessons.  Luckily for us Aunt Jen was willing to share and her mad sewing skills with us to help Nataleigh, Berkleigh and Kenlee with some sewing projects.  Even Ethan learned how to sew a pillow.

We first took all the kids to the fabric store.  
Eight kids under 10 shopping in a fabric store =

 The girls learned how to pin their fabric.
 And while we were in the sewing zone, Jen helped Teacher Linda with her Pioneer Trek apron and skirt.  Did I mention Jen also helped sew the shade top of our speed boat??
  Like I said, mad sewing skills.

 The girls all made pillows for them, and pillows for their American girl dolls.  The highlight, though, were these darling skirts.  The girls loved them. 

(Sidenote--Jen took Berkleigh and Nataleigh on a cute photo shoot around Santa Clara in their new skirts.  Those pictures are forthcoming--or if you cat wait please check out Jen's amazing blog.  Yes, the woman has mad sewing skills and even more amazing blogging skills!)
 Thanks Aunt Jen!

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