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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

12 Year Old Water Birthday Party

 It can be hard to find a birthday party idea for a 12 year old boy.  
For my son's birthday we decided to have a water party with a foam airplane toss.

 Our party favors were items that we hoped they could use including water bottles and cinch sacks. 
 Per his request, we decided to forgo the traditional birthday cake and, instead, did a donut tower.  It was a great success.

Our hungry pre-teens ate pizza, chips, and soda.  Definitely not the standard food in our home.  We did have a big plate full of veggies and some fruit, too.

Each boy got a foam airplane to decorate and then we had contests to see whose could fly the highest, farthest, and do the most tricks. The boys really enjoyed designing and flying their planes.

 For the water part of the party we did a balloon toss over the pool, and then gave the boys squirt guns so they could squirt each other to their hearts' content.

 Even the other family members enjoyed themselves.

Ethan was thrilled to blow out a candle on his tower and celebrate another great year.

Happy Birthday!

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