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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Feeling balanced

Photo credit: M & R Gallery of Photography

Balance is an eternal principle; something that I am always working towards.  Every once in a while I find myself in the perfectly balanced place.  It can be fleeting, but I enjoy every second!  Right now is one of those moments, and I’m writing it down so that on days when I’m feeling less balanced I can remember this feeling.

Whenever I need to check in with myself, I go through a personal inventory consisting of six major aspects of my life; spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, financial, and the creative.  (I’ve just recently added that last one.) When I visit each of these areas in my mind I try to think about how I’m doing compared to where I want to be.  

Thankfully, today I feel good.  Really good.  I feel like I can conquer all me fears, hurdle any obstacles, and achieve any goal.  I’m in the zone…on fire...driven…ready to accomplish big things…destined for greatness…in control…happy…joyful…creative.  Me again.

What a powerful, yet simple exercise.  Here’s my personal checklist for today:

I am a believer.  In a world of cynicism, sarcasm, and apathy towards faith, I affirm that God is good.  God is great. He answers prayers.  He performs miracles. He is omnipotent and loving. My faith is my anchor and Jesus is my Savior.

My body is strong.  I can move and jump and run. I am connected.  I’m in control.  I have a plan for healthy eating and exercise.  I am executing that plan and it feels so so good.

When I'm mentally sharp, nothing can stop me.  Sadly, I haven't felt sharp as of late. About eight months ago I started working with my health care professional to better understand how to balance my hormones and tackle the realities of early menopause.  I am happy to report that the clouds are parting and I'm finally seeing the light again.  I am grateful for nutrition, vitamins, and supplements that are helping me feel like me again.

I have love.  To love and be loved is the greatest gift.  My heart has infinite capacity to love.  I am blessed with amazing extended family members.  I am blessed with genuine, wonderful friends. I get to laugh and smile.  A lot.

We are so blessed.  A Christmas miracle saved us, financially, for which I am eternally grateful. Our business is growing.  People enjoy our product and they are telling their friends.  There are opportunities abound.

A part of my creative self died with I took an early retirement from my theatre career.  This weekend I saw a theatre piece that rekindled my love of theatre.  I was moved to tears.  Twice.  I felt deeply.  It reminded me that my soul is creative and that I need to honor that aspect of my life and spend a little time being creative each day.

I feel balanced today.  Tomorrow can be different, and I’ll work with that. For today, though, I’ll revel in this amazing feeling and count my many blessings.

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