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Friday, December 13, 2013

Thanksgiving Shooting Gallery and Appetizers

Yes, its definitely Christmas time, and that means family time.  I'm excited to share a few more memories from Thanksgiving.

Just hours after our Thanksgiving breakfast in the park we gather again for appetizers and a shooting range.  Again, these traditions go back for as long as I can remember.  I believe the shooting range started as a way to keep the kids entertained with Mom made all the finishing preparations.  Whatever the genesis, its become one of the favorite Thanksgiving traditions.  My brothers take a lot of time to set up the shooting course using old toys, discarded cans, highly carbonated pop cans, and anything they think will be a good target.   This year they bought a few extra bb guns so everyone had more opportunities to shoot.

My mom makes all the appetizers by hand.  She has a great talent for mixing textures, tastes and color.  This year my favorite was the phyillo dough cups with brei and mint pepper jelly.  Other favorites: stuffed tomatoes, gingerbread cookies with pumpkin dip, seasoned almonds, a cheese ball in the shape of a pinecone, and her famous chicken phyillo dough (photo bomb credit: my crazy cousin Eric).

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