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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Elizabeth & Scott's Surprise Anniversary Dinner

Surprise!  This is my favorite moment from a surprise wedding anniversary dinner for my sister-in-law, Elizabeth, and her husband, Scott.  

A surprise wedding anniversary sound like a unique event, and it was.   Something about the idea intrigued my father-in-law who, along with myself and my fellow sister-in-law, Emily, agreed to help host the event and began hatching the plan.

For 9 months we secretly planned.  Friends and family were invited.  Everyone knew about the surprise event, except the guest of honor.  We were literally planning a wedding without the bride. 

(left to right; Me, Emily, Martin, Elizabeth , Scott)

Below are pictures, used with permission, by master wedding photojournalist Pepper Nix. She beautifully captured the event--especially the surprise moment (top). 
Check out her work at

Tomorrow I will detail how we put it all together and how I used my party planning worksheet and party planning notebook to keep it all organized.

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