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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Swiss Day 2013

It's beginning to feel a lot like

One of the enduring aspects of living in our little Santa Clara community is its rich heritage.  Many of our neighbors are direct decedents from the Swiss Pioneers that were sent by Brigham Young to cultivate this desolate valley.  I can't imagine what it must have been like to leave the lush green hills of Switzerland and trade it for the dry, dusty, red mountains of Southern Utah.  Their sacrifice was unfathomable and every last Saturday in September the community celebrates our heritage and our every-changing community.

Swiss Cows are synonymous with Swiss Days.  For a small donation, anyone can purchase a wooden cow and decorate it.  Here are some cow pictures from our first Swiss Days experience in 2011.

Last year we had some equally creative cows lining our Santa Clara boulevard.

This cow was created by the Dale Gubler family.  Their seven married children live with their families all within a mile stretch of each other.


Frei's Fruit Market sells produce from Labor Day- the Fall

 A local father and son dentist team.

This Ken Ence family had some uplifting sayings including:
"Milk Life For All It's Worth"
"Graze in Green Pastures"
"Churn your Cream Into Butter"
"Turn the Udder Check"
Before his death a couple years ago, Ken Ence was hurt in a swimming accident that left him paralyzed from the neck down.  Although we never met him, his positive attitude is a real inspiration.  His wife along with his daughter and their family still live in the neighborhood.

 This cow represents a new singing studio in town.

This beautiful cow was created by a French artist in town.

The Tinker family was well represented.

Lots of fun family cows.

Love this German/Swiss cow

 Santa Clara houses a Wilderness Survival program for troubled teens.
This is Sherry Bray's cow.  She loves flamingo and has a bright personality to match.  Sadly, she passed away unexpectedly last year.  At her funeral they decorated the tables with pink flamingos in her honor.

This creative cow showcases the creativity in design of this unique gift shop.

(Closer look)

One of our neighbors works for Century Link.  He cuts down all the tree limbs that threaten power lines.

This cow picture is dedicated to my sister in law, Jen Scott.  
She's a big fan on this funny sign.

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