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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Excerpts from a letter to Kurt and Ashley

Dear Kurt and Ashley,

We've never met....I met Amelia in a moment of crisis. I was one of the first on the scene as emergency responders raced against time to save her life. That's a powerful image forever embedded in my mind.  

After Amelia was rushed into the ambulance, I knelt and voiced a collective prayer in your parent’s home. I prayed with all the energy of heart and body.  I prayed that her lungs would fill with air. I prayed that emergency crews and doctors would know what to do. I prayed that her heart would beat. In that moment I called down angels to attended her and your family, and I prayed that God would bless that home with his Spirit.

In the precious few moments we shared, Amelia has made a lasting impact on my life.... 
The day after last week's accident Amelia came to me in a dream. While her mortal body lay in a hospital bed working hard to survive, her Spirit was working hard to bless the lives of many, including mine.

I saw her happy and smiling. I saw her in a white dress with her hair long. She was twirling and singing. I knew she was happy. I had hoped that this dream was a foreshadow of her full recovery. I now know it was Amelia's way of bringing me--a perfect stranger-- much needed peace after this tragedy.  What a selfless little lady.

I will continue to pray for you in the coming weeks, months, and years. I also must thank you for sharing your daughter with me in an unexpected way. She touched my life so deeply. I will never forget the little girl whom I never really met.

Thank you for your testimony and faith. You have blessed my life.

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