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Friday, March 22, 2013

Amelia's obituary and Grandmother's reflections

Obituary for

Amelia Marie Hansen

WashingtonUT – Amelia Marie Hansen, age 2, Sunday March 17, 2013

Amelia was born in St George to Kurt and Ashley Hansen. She is a happy girl that loved everyone she came into contact with, as well as caused those people to fall in love with her. Amelia was always her own boss and enjoyed independence. Although Amelia was never a big hugger, she enjoyed giving head bonks and high fives. She was never very concerned with purses and dolls. Her focus was directed toward things like bears, deer, elk and backpacks. Amelia loved to be outdoors in the dirt and mud. One of Amelia’s favorite subjects is wildlife and she loved to see them however she could whether it was by pictures, video, shopping cart tours of the local sporting goods store, or being out in the wilderness with her family. She has always shown deep love for her little brother Jet and infant sister Cora. Amelia has been and will continue to be an inspiration to us to be better individuals than we were the day before. Amelia has a captivating spirit that will be with us forever.  Amelia is survived by her mother Ashley, father Kurt, little brother Jet, and baby sister Cora. A viewing will be held on Friday, March 22nd at the Metcalf Mortuary from 5-7 pm. Saturday March 23rd at the Washington Fields LDS Stake Center 1295 South 3000 East, St George UT 84790 a short viewing will be held from 10-10:40 am. Then funeral services will be held from 11-12. Following funeral services, graveside services will be held at the Pinto, Utah Cemetery at approximately 1 pm, allowing for drive time. Following the graveside service an informal luncheon will be held at the Roy Hafen cabin/property in Pinto Utah approximately ¼ mile south west of the cemetery.

Reflections by my neighbor and friend; Amelia's grandmother.

Our Amelia has returned to our Heavenly Father. Kurt and Ashley have been so generous with sharing Amelia....even her passing was shared with all of us in the family. Over a hundred family members came to hold her and kiss her good bye .....the room was full of loved ones from both sides of the veil...each of us received a special witness from the spirits there including Amelia's that she would be leaving us and was anxiously waiting to go....Ashley and Kurt spent the last few hours and we left them alone to lay with her one more night....I was given the opportunity to lay with her many times over the three days and felt her beautiful spirit comfort me....but many times I could feel her letting me know she was in a hurry...just like Amelia ...she never let you hold her long because she had things to do....most of all her little spirit whispered that she needed to stay close to her Dad and Mom. When her Mom laid down beside her one last time and wept her love to her ...tears rolled down Amelia's cheeks and silently wept with her mother though in a coma....we left them alone that last night for Dad and Mom to lay beside her till early morning....all who were there knew that we go on living...that we are eternal...that we will be with Amelia again that the veil was lifted for us to see that....Christ is our Saviour through Him this is possible ...there is no other way except to follow His ways....I feel anxious to do so that I may not loose this blessing...our time is short there is no time for doubt or grab hold of our Saviour's love and gift .....

“Mimi” Bird, Grandmother

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