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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Birthday for Megan

Sandwiches between two wonderful wedding weekends, was my birthday, Valentine's Day, fun house guests, a fabulous tractor party, and David was out of town.  The thought of it all still makes my head spin.  Luckily David was still in town at the beginning of the week to celebrate my birthday.

My birthday week started out with a surprise floral delivery.  Thoughtful Monica Lamb sent these flowers.  So kind.  I miss her and her family.

On my actual birthday we had a traditional birthday breakfast with cinnamon bunt cake and fruit. I look so lovely in my workout clothes.  Birthdays are best when I start with a good 5:30am spin class. Ethan leaves our house for school around 7:15 so we had to celebrate quickly before he left.

 My favorite aspect of my birthday is the little things that people do.  There are 365 days of the year and millions of people on this earth.  That means on any give day thousands of people celebrate their birthday.  Still, people remember that one day in February I was born.  I appreciate the calls, texts, cards, FaceBook messages, and the flowers and treats from my visiting teachers. What lovely gestures.

  My neighbor, Kathryn, gave me the fun floral purse on the left.  She found the fabric and commissioned a seamstress to make it.  It warms my heart to think of her planning and making that effort.  She must have known I was shopping for a purse.  In fact, I bought myself the Marc by Marc Jacob purse on the right.  I love it, but my sticker shock turned into buyer's regret and I'm returning it. Good thing I have Kathryn's bag!

I had to include this sweet picture of Nataleigh bringing me breakfast in bed during my birthday week.  She is VERY thoughtful and writes the sweetest notes.

David and I celebrated my birthday with dinner at the Painted Pony.  
Birthdays and Anniversaries are great times to take account and make plans for the future.

What I've learned about me this year:

1. I can't do everything.  Even though I think I can, and I often work as if I can.
2. I have more capacity than I thought I had, and I thought I had a lot.
3. God has a plan for me, even if I don't always know what it is.
4. Having a spotless house isn't the most important thing, even though I work like it is.
5. Sleep, exercise, good eating habits, and healthy living makes me a better person, even though my sweet tooth might beg to differ.

In the wise words of my friend, Quincy, this year I hope I can, "


  1. A very happy belated birthday to you! I love your birthday post . . . would have love to have taken you to lunch! ;) You look beautiful.

  2. Thank you, Quincy! You are a great friend. I, too, have been thinking about you this week. I hope my card reaches you. You have a wonderful family and my thoughts are with you all during this season.