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Friday, February 8, 2013

Stair Master

Oliver has discovered the stairs.

It's a blessing.  


I can hardly remember that last time one of my children crawled.  
Jacob never crawled and I only have foggy memories of Nataleigh and Ethan crawling.  Even when they did, our house, at the time, had a door at the top of the stairs.  We never had to monitor a baby on the stairs.  Enter Oliver.  This determined and driven child has made it his quest to climb the stairs whenever he can.  

At the slightest sense of silence, I quickly race to the stairs.

Usually he is halfway up and only stops for a brief moment.  He smirks as if he's saying,
"Ha! You're a little slow, Mom."

Then he turns and races up one stair at a time.
I think its turning into a game, for him.

Look at these eyes!  They are fixed on the goal-the top of the stairs!

He has thwarted all our attempts to block the stairs.
Ethan and Nataleigh even turned their play table upside down to create a blockade.

I've researched gates, but can't figure out how to attach it to our banister, so we put dinning room chairs at the foot of the stairs.  That didn't stop this tenacious smarty pants!  
He figured out how to crawl underneath. 

Speaking of pants, Oliver is undeterred if he looses his drawers during his assent.




Long gone.

Here he is at the famous half way point.  
I'm convinced that this is where he hangs out until we realize he is on the stairs and then come racing to find him.

Yes, there are times he does reach the top.

It's scary to admit that we've even found him here- at the top peering down.

He seems so utterly content with himself if he makes it.

We are working to teach Oliver that what comes up, must come down.
The physical therapist also worked with him to 'motor plan' how to come down.  She said it's actually not that easy.  He first has to look over his shoulder, then move his legs backwards-- a counter intuitive direction-- and then he has to slide down on his belly.
Oliver doesn't like it one bit.  His scream told the therapist so. She was very patient with him and by the end of the session he was going down on his own.  That's encouraging.
The therapist did say that he is a fast learner and with time he'll get it.

 In the meantime, this Stair Master is giving us lots of exercise.

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  1. Go, Oliver! Crawling is great for cognitive development, so this is a good good thing. Our stairs are wide like yours, so no baby gate, but my kiddo is so cautious she doesn't go very far up unless I'm there to cheer.