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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Cedar Breaks

One way to make up for weeks without Dad is to plan a fun get-away trip.
Last January David was doing trade shows back-to-back.  He was home for just a few days, and during that time we planned a ski trip to Cedar Breaks.

I packed the snow clothes, bought the food, bought the lift tickets, and make the arrangements for the condo. We literally picked him up from the airport and whisked him away to the mountain.  After the holiday weekend we brought him home long enough to shower and repack his suitcase before we took him, again, to the airport.  It was short, but it was worth it!

  Ethan and Nataleigh took a refresher ski class.

Jacob was a good sport, but I don't think skiing is going to be his thing.

After the mountain closed the kids went tubbing.  
As soon as the sun went down it was cold, cold, cold.

While the crew tubed, I stayed in the warm car with this hunk of love.  
He was just starting to smile.  What a doll!

 In the condo we played games, finished this world puzzle, and simply enjoyed being together.  It was exactly what we needed to help us get through another week of Dad on the road.

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