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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Back to health

It has been a year and a half since my baby was born.
Babies can be hard on bodies, and my final fourth child was my hardest.
 It's eighteen months after he's born and I am still working to get myself back to health.  I'm halfway to my goal weight, though, and that gives me lots of reasons to celebrate. Still, I've got a lot of work to do.

One of the motivators that has been working for me, surprisingly well, is to put up "inspirational" photos where I can see them often.  I have these photos by my desk, in the kitchen and on my bathroom mirror.  Between those three areas I see the pictures almost constantly.
 (I should really glue them onto my steering wheel of my car, because I feel like I'm driving around most of the time.)

When I look at these photos it reminds me of happy times, and helps me focus on my goals.
They are all taken around the same time-- 2007.

I don't often quote Queen Latifah, but she is credited with saying
"Confidence is like a light that emanates from you and makes your skin glow."

I have to agree.  When we feel good, we look good.  When we look good, we feel good.

Here's a look at some photos that bring me joy.

 Clockwise from top right:
At Doheney Beach, CA, with Jacob,
Ethan's birthday party,
Laurelwood Christmas Open House with Jenalee Frazier,
Laguna Beach, CA
  Clockwise from top right:
Anniversary dinner in San Juan Capistrano, CA
Laurelwood Christmas Open House with Jackie Sanders
Theatre for Young Audiences conference with BYU faculty, St. Paul, MN
Beach bonfire with Scott Sistas' Brooke, Brianna and Mackenzie, (Nataleigh far left)
Fundraiser dinner for Women and Children Crisis Center
Theatre in Ethan's Kindergarten classroom
Thanksgiving with all my lovely sisters (l to r) Ashleigh, Me, Brittany, Brooke, Brianna, Mackenzie

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