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Monday, January 7, 2013

Hearts for Newtown

I read about an initiative called "Hearts for Newtown" here.
I thought the idea of sending paper hearts to the families and community of Newtown was a great way to say "Our Hearts are With You".

 The organizers encouraged younger children to 'make a heart to bring love and cheer to others', and to "leave the discussion of the tragedy in Newtown to parental discretion."

 How appropriate that children the same age as so many victims could send their well wishes without having to get into a length discussion of the tragedy.

  Jacob's kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Sumens, was very supportive.
 I cut out the hearts for the classes, and she added the coloring activity to her Friday "centers" learning program. Most of the students followed her example and drew beautiful rainbows on their paper hearts.

 Afterwards, I collected them all... 

 ...and then Jacob and Conner helped me put them in the mail.
They will be mailed to a nearby city in Connecticut for distribution, so as to not overwhelmed already strained resources in Newtown. 

The organizers want the hearts by January 7th.  Those interested in a similar initiative can read here about a group trying to collect 18,965,000 paper hearts, enough to measure from Montana to Connecticut. 

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