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Tuesday, January 8, 2013


 A year ago this January my Mom gave my Dad an early birthday gift: a family Christmas cruise.
For twelve months we have been looking forward to this once-in-a-lifetime experience.  Like Christmas, the anticipation for the cruise was high.  

My Scott siblings currently live in eight different cities throughout the country.  Being together in one place is like logistical yoga. We all looked forward to the time together. Unfortunately, Ashleigh had other commitments and couldn't be with us.  It wasn't the same without her.

Each crusin' sibling and their families met at my folks house in Laguna Hills.
(That too, was quite the logistical challenge.  Where do you sleep everyone?  We had folks on the floor in the family room and on couches everywhere.  Our family of six was one of the lucky ones who at least got to share one bedroom.)

Finally the day arrived.

The bags were packed and labeled.  They filled the entire hall way!

Brittany took this picture and sent it to her fiancé, Seth, 
giving him advance warning that 'our family comes with lots of baggage'.  

My Dad rented a mini bus to get us all to our destination together. 
Mackenzie and Tyson's faces say it all.  
"Let the fun begin!"

Dad spent countless hours working on the details of this trip.  This is just one of the amazing things he does so well.  When he plans a vacation, every details is arranged.

I know I've said it before, when the Scotts get together it is one continual party! 
On the bus we cranked up the Christmas music and danced in our seats all the way to the Long Beach. 

We totaled 21 people.  That's a lots of folks.

Cameron and Jana on the bridge to the boat, Carnival Splendor

Brooke's face perfectly captures the feelings we all had.  
Part amazement. Part disbelief.

 Yes, we took our cheesy pre-boarding picture. 
This is one experience we want to remember.

As the sun set on Long Beach harbor we peered over the back balconies of our rooms to watch the beautiful skies.  Mom and Dad had reserved our rooms early enough that we filled the entire back end of the boat. This was our last look at US land for seven days.

      Bon Voyage!

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