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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

sick baby

105.2 fever
5 hours in the Emergency Room
4 tries to get a set of good chest x-rays
3 blood tests
2 attempts for the I.V.
1 catheter and urine sample

Diagnosis: Early Childhood Pnemonia

When I took Oliver's temperature and saw how high it was I immediately took him to the after hours InstaCare.  They were able to bring down the fever, but not lower his racing heart rate so they sent us to the Emergency Room.  His white cell count was high, indicating an infection and they were concerned it might be a kidney infection.  

However, in the end the urine sample was negative and the chest x-ray seemed to suggest an infection there.  So, they gave Oliver a super dose of antibiotic and sent us home with a second dose for the next day and a prescription.

Having a sick baby is no fun.  It is so easy for my mind to race and think about the worst-case scenario. Thankfully there are medical professionals and medicine to help.  I have to add that David was away on a camping trip with Ethan, and I am so thankful for Kathryn who came and got Nataleigh and Jacob from the doctors office and stayed with them at my house until 1:30am!  What a friend!

 Oliver is now well and happy again.  I am so grateful!

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  1. I'm so sorry Megan! And after a busy weekend too! You must be exhausted. Poor little Oliver! I'm glad that they were able to know what it was (even though it took many many tests!) and get the right medicine for him. We're praying for you! Life is so much easier when you can have great friends step in at a moments notice to help!