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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fruit Heights and the 5th ward-The Early Years

The first weekend of July we attended Church with the Fruit Heights 5th ward.
 It was such a powerful experience to sit in the chapel and look around and see the room filled with people I knew and loved.  Not only did I know their names, but I knew their stories.  Together our ward had endured trials that brought us closer, and I felt such a kinship with these people. 

I am sure the feelings were intensified because we had recently moved and we are working to create that same feelings of familiar in Santa Clara.  While we are getting to know some people and starting to put names and faces together, we have a long way to go.  Events like the recent flood remind me that developing close relationships takes time.  It happens when we serve others and open our hearts to our ward family.

The following collages are a tribute to our nearly 10 years in the Fruit Heights 5th ward.

The Early Years



  1. Megan!!!! I love reading your blog and sadly never comment (usually, because I have to quit reading early to go help my girls). Anyways. I loved looking at your pictures of the 5th ward. Love and miss you!

    1. Jessie! So nice to hear from you. Putting these collages together was such a fun trip down memory lane! Did you see the picture of when we took that hike and carried the baskets for dinner only to make it to the top and realize that I forgot the sandwiches. Oh my! SO many great memories. It is wonderful to see you and how your family is growing. Lots of love to you, dear. xoxo