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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fruit Heights part 4

With our Fruit Heights ward family we have experienced the joy of welcoming new babies into this world, and the deep sadness of saying goodbye to friends who have passed away-some way too early.  We've pulled together during times of difficulty and even tragedy; a home destroyed by fire, a life-changing car accident, a very premature baby, an unexpected death of a child. We've rallied to help each other, and grown closer in the process.  It's hard to leave a home like Fruit Heights, with nearly ten years of associations and memories.  It's hard to start over in a new place.  We don't yet know the stories of the people in our Santa Clara 1st ward. We don't know the tragedies they have overcome. We are, however, starting to have the type of experiences the help us grow closer. Somethings just take time.

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