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Monday, July 23, 2012

Nataleigh's birthday

We celebrated Nataleigh's birthday with a bang!  We used "Red, White, and Birthday" as our theme and had lots of fun pulling together this Americana party. We had a BBQ dinner with the party goers which featured our new favorite mint lemondae. 

We made this tulle banner which was really cute, but took a ton of time.  David said if he ever sees tulle again, he's going to die. Ha!  I really appreciated his help cutting and tieing a million glitter tulle squares.

 Ethan and David were in charge of the obstacle course.  They did a great job using pool noodles to set up various stations.  The girls' favorite part was chasing Ethan with water balloons! 

At the last minute Nataleigh asked if we could do a "pin-the-star-on-the-flag"game. I'm so glad she is still young enough to enjoy these fun games.

 Because we are on the Specific Carbohydrates Diet (SCD) we had to think a lot about the birthday cake.  Luckily Nataleigh likes carrot cake, so we made a yummy, moist, carrot cake for the occasion.  It was actually kind of fun to cut up all the carrots and create something from scratch. The frosting is basically egg whites and honey. We were pleased with how it all turned out and the girls all wanted seconds! That's gotta tell ya something!

(left to right) Hailey, Bella, Hanna, Kenlee, Nataleigh, Ellee, Abbie 

 We made each girl a red, white, and blue tulle skirt and gave them each red glittered sun visors.  We also made them individualized necklaces with their first initials. Cute!

The girls liked playing with the sparklers....

 and acting crazy!  

 We also had a family party for her on her actual birthday.  For our birthday breakfast cake we had to break tradition and pass on our favorite bunt cake.  Instead we made a SCD "legal" banana cake. Once again I was so relieved that everyone like it.

Doesn't she look beautiful? I can't believe how grown up she is!  She is really turning into a little lady.

 She was thrilled with new roller blades.  She can finally try to keep up with Ethan.

We've started this birthday morning tradition of decorating the kitchen while the birthday child is "banished" to their rooms.  The idea is that the birthday child comes into the kitchen to see it magically transformed into a birthday celebration zone. Ethan had the clever idea to make a number 8 out of duct tape.  He was so proud of his decoration. 

The turquoise dress came from Grandma Jackie and Grandpa Craig.  Perfect color, size, and style.  She loves it!  Grandma Carolyn and Grandpa Marty sent her a fun cupcake necklace and a touch-and-feel book about famous art.  

We so appreciate the love and support from family as we celebrate our special girl.


  1. I was just thinking about nataleifh and wondering how her special day came together. It looks like it was a blast!:)

  2. Megan! That party is BEAUTIFUL! Almost as beautiful as the birthday girl herself. Happy 8th Nat!

  3. I cannot believe the work you put into this! It looks sooo darling, but I can totally understand David's statement about the tulle. What a good and supporting husband. Nataleigh is a very luck girl to have such a creative and caring mother! Nataleigh looks beautiful in her pink dress; her hair looks great and she looks happy. She is a little lady!

    Merrick and Berkleigh say, "Happy Birthday Nataleigh!" We just looked at your blog all together.

    - Brittany