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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Lake Powell with the Thompsons

We took a trip to Lake Powell to get our speed boat and invited a darling couple from our ward, the Thompsons, to come with us. 

Judd is a former star quarterback who is now the Offensive Coordinator for Dixie. He and Ethan have a fun teasing-like-a-big-brother relationship.  Liz is Nataleigh's primary teacher and she is always giving Nataleigh and I good beauty tips for my fine-haired blonde beauty.  In addition, Judd and David both served their mission in the Dominican Republic.  They shared the craziest mission stories during our drive.
The Thompsons are great and we were so glad they could come. 

We first took a trip to Rainbow Bridge.  It's been a long time since I had been there and it was David's first visit.  

 We were all in awe of this masterpiece. Nature is amazing!

 It was hot hot hot so we were quick to jump in the water.  
Ethan skied and then everyone frolicked in the cool water.

 Lake Powell is seriously one of my most favorite places to be.  
It feeds my soul.  
No wonder there are smiles all around!

 It's always scary to bring babies to the lake but Oliver did very well.  
We stayed the night on Marty's beautiful houseboat and enjoyed relaxing with friends in the evening. 

 After dinner we took out the tube.  Judd and Ethan were the first to ride and they caught some serious air!

Liz joined the duo and quickly became a fan.

The crystal clear water was beautiful and so peaceful.

Nataleigh joined the trio for a more relaxed ride.

and Liz had some great runs on the wakeboard.

It was a great time--even if it was just a quick up and back trip.

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  1. Oh man, you're really making me want to be in Lake Powell right now! Looks like you guys are having a great time down there! I wish southern Utah were a bit closer. And I also loved your post about the rodeo, haha, so great!